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Title: Carnivore Artist: Carnivore 241 plays


Drool dripping out my tongue
hanging south, saliva flowing free
My eyes full of lust my balls gonna bust, 
give yourself to me
Thirst I can’t quench c’mere you wench,
there’s something that I need

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Chelsea Wolfe performing with King Dude at Hollywood Forever last night. #Chelseawolfe #kingdude #folk (at Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery)

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Title: There's a Light That Never Goes Out Artist: The Smiths 49,897 plays


And if a double decker bus crashes into us

to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die

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Title: Archangel Artist: Samhain 18 plays


Samhain - Archangel

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Title: Back in Your Head Artist: Tegan and Sara 37,893 plays


Back in Your Head - Tegan and Sara (The Con; 2007) 

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Grouper Shares “Call Across Rooms” from Ruins

"It is a letter to myself, as aspiration to love better."

Title: Rapt Artist: Karen O 1,374 plays

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"November-Coming-Fire…Samhain Grim"

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Title: Astigmatism (Of The Phallic Muscle) Artist: Twitching Tongues 2,863 plays

Twitching Tongues - Astigmatism (Of The Phallic Muscle)

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